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Tickets $5.00 each
(100 available)

5 tickets for $20.00
(100 sets available) 

10 tickets for $30.00
(50 sets available) 
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Draw Date May 18, 2018

    License #487268
1)  Raffle tickets must not be sold to a person under the age of 18 years.
2)  The purchase price of each ticket shall be:     $5.00 each OR 5 tickets $20.00 OR 10 tickets $30.00
3)  To be eligible for draws, the ticket order and purchase amount must be received in SUN office by 10:00am, May 18, 2018
4)  The prize payout shall be as follows:
1st prize 25% of the gross ticket sale revenue
2nd prize 20% of the gross ticket sale revenue
5)  The draw(s) shall be made at the SUN office: #15   2016 Sherwood Drive, Sherwood Park, AB T8A3X3 prior to 3pm, May 18, 2018
6)  The winning ticket buyers shall be notified by telephone; their names will be publicized in the next newsletter & on the SUN website. The winning ticket buyers will be awarded the prize via cheque drawn on SUN.
7)  In the event of any concern or dispute regarding this raffle, please contact
Lynn Penner at the SUN administration office.
(780) 449-1816
8)  Raffle tickets are official when payment is received & numbers issued by the sun raffle chairman.  
9)  Your Ticket numbers are available by contacting the SUN office