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Current Positions (Updated May 10, 2017):

Casino Workers (January - March 2019 ... Exact dates to be announced)
Phoning Committee
Chapter Executives
Board Committee Members

To apply for a volunteer position please contact us

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DAY - December 5

International Volunteer Day was
established by the United
Nations General Assembly on
December 17, 1985.

On International Volunteer Day,
we celebrate and recognize
volunteerism in all its facets.  If
your volunteering helps youth,
aids in moving towards global
peace or sustainable human
development  it all contributes
to building a stronger
community somewhere.  SUN
recognizes all volunteer
commitments and applaud
hundreds of millions of people
who volunteer to make the world
a better place.

Your voluntary engagement
might sometimes go unnoticed
to the world, but your actions
count in the communities that
have benefited from your hard
work, and they certainly count

Thank you for your time to
volunteer and join us in
celebrating Alberta’s amazing
spirit of volunteerism.
Seniors United Now has a proud heritage of volunteerism in working as a voice of seniors in Alberta.